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Services offered by Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions

The following services are offered by Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions.

  • Technical Assistance

  • Grant Writing Assistance by Email

  • Government Proposal Assistance

  • Support Services

  • Consultation

  • Training

What is Technical Assistance as provided by Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions?

Technical Assistance provides a brief response to a question or request for information regarding nonprofits that does not require extensive research.  This free service is available to Non Profit Association members, non-members, and people interested in starting a nonprofit.

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions receives questions and requests for information each working day, such as: how to start a nonprofit organization, board member responsibilities at board meetings, specific issues that arise in managing the organization, and resource development.  But please don’t let these limit you as these are just a few examples of the inquiries we receive!

Please note:  Some Technical Assistance requests will require research and/or preparation of a more elaborate response.  In these instances, a fee would be charged.  Fees are discounted for members of the Non Profit Association and can be estimated for your nonprofit organization.

Grant Writing Assistance by Email and Other Technologies

If a proposal deadline is looming for your nonprofit organization and you have more questions than answers about the proposal you are writing, contact Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions for help.

Grant Writing Assistance by Email is an opportunity for individualized guidance during the preparation of a proposal including online applications.  Help can be provided in determining strategies, assuring proposal cohesiveness, or developing a budget, to name a few situations.  Guidance can be provided by email, online submission, during a conference call or face-to-face office setting.

Each person participating in Grant Writing Assistance by Email must have a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a foundation or corporation, including the RFP guidelines, and a draft or outline of the proposal.

The fee for grant writing using today’s technology is based on an hourly rate for the assistance and last from one hour or whatever time is requested.  Members of the Non Profit Association receive a discounted rate.

Government Proposal Assistance

If your nonprofit organization is struggling with the preparation of government proposals or you simply don’t have the staff time available to complete a lengthy grant application, Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions is available to assist you.

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions offers low cost consultation to nonprofit organizations that are responding to local, state, and federal Requests for Proposals.  Assistance can be provide in one or more of the following ways:

– Coordinating the grant application process.

– Forming collaborations and facilitating grant writing teams.

– Assistance in writing segments of proposals or writing an entire proposal.

– Creating an executive summary.

– Reviewing or clarifying instructions, i.e., scope of work.

– Developing project budget and budget narrative.

– Developing a sustainability plan.

– Packaging the grant application.

Support Services

Assistance in Becoming a Nonprofit Organization

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions can help organizations throughout the process of achieving non-profit status.  This may include:

-assistance with applications including incorporation, preparation of by-laws, and requesting tax exempt determination;

-assisting individuals and groups seeking to start a new nonprofit organization by serving as a resident agent; and

-serving as a fiscal sponsor by accepting contributions, dispersing funds and preparing related financial reports on behalf of the applicant organization.

Transition or On-going Management Services

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions provides transition services such as interim or on-going management.  This includes:

-responsible and accountable representation to the Board of Directors and for the organization;

-help in resolving urgent issues problems; and

-assistance with oversight for day-to-day operations.

Program Support for New Services

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions assists nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government agencies with the planning and initiation of new service programs including the proposal process.  Support is offered during multiple phases of the project:

-gathering information;

-researching program components;

-developing community support;

-program implementation; and

-outcome monitoring.

Self-Assessment to Achieve Program Outcomes

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions provides options and support to nonprofit organizations, foundations, and local and state government agencies in assessing program outcomes.  Assistance may include:

-developing, administrating, and compiling results from consumer surveys;

-facilitating focus groups and informational meetings;

-soliciting consumer input through interviews and online questionnaires; and/or

-preparation of reports summarizing the results of the assessment.

Please note:  Support Services are offered through fee-based contractual arrangements.


All consultation services are provided in the context of current economic trends and specific issues related to those trends.

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions provides low-cost assistance to nonprofit organizations for the following consultation services:

Facilitation of Strategic Planning Sessions – The completed plan includes action steps, persons responsible, and expected date of completion.

Presentation of Board/Staff Retreats and Board/Staff Workshops – Included are such topics as Board Development or Fund Raising to enhance the capacity of your organization.

Facilitation of Financial Planning Sessions – Income analysis, projection of future income, identification of new sources of income, and an action plan to achieve financial goals are included.  A marketing plan can be added, as well.

Foundation and Corporation Searches – Foundations and corporations are identified that might have an interest in funding your organization’s needs.  Application Guidelines for foundations and corporations can also be acquired.

Grant Writing – Proposals are prepared for submission to foundations, corporations, or government agencies.  Assistance with a sample proposal or ongoing grant writing is available.


The following types of training are fee-based and can be tailored to meet the needs of the audience or nonprofit organization.


Topics are selected to provide information that can easily be assimilated into the daily tasks of attendees.  Workshops are generally a 3-hour or 6-hour time span.  Presenters utilize interactive techniques with supportive hand-outs.

In-Service Training

The contracting nonprofit organization specifies a topic before content is prepared.  In-service training is tailored to the needs of the contracting organization and offered at a time convenient to the contracting agency.

Continuing Education Credits

Training opportunities are available for social workers, case managers, counselors and other personnel.  For professionals seeking continuing education units, certificates of attendance are provided that include contact hours and the training topic.  Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions can also provide opportunities for certification of an agency’s employees at the agency’s site.